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*Example*[Contemporary R&B, Pop, Dance Arranger: The Popest]

The Popest
The Popest

Zodiac : Tiger
Topic : 64
Musical Point : 2147485231
Birthday : 1998-12-16
Registered Date : 2015-04-22
Age : 20

*Example*[Contemporary R&B, Pop, Dance Arranger: The Popest] Empty *Example*[Contemporary R&B, Pop, Dance Arranger: The Popest]

Post by The Popest on Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:36 pm

*This is an example. But not just an example. Anything in this topic is real, I really need a singer Very Happy *

Hi, this is The Popest.

I'm good at Contemporary R&B, Pop, Dance arranging.
This is me doing Contemporary R&B:

(This is just a part of it, contact & work with me to get the full version)

I already have a kind of pop song released, to know more about that, Click here

Contact me:

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